Why Sunny SANDays ? image
  • We believe in networking and education in order to drive revenues for our Business Partners (BPs). Training is an essential part of our DNA ! Why ? Simply because our training modules are geared to providing you with relevant information for closing business !

  • This event is an ideal opportunity for you to meet the Broadcom & IBM experts.

  • You will learn the latest "trends & directions" in order to gain a competitive advantage on both IBM Storage and Broadcom SAN solutions.

  • Sunny SANDays is a 2 day study tour where we are inviting the winners of the Sunny SANDays Challenge which will run from 1st November 2020 (the beginning of Broadcom's new fiscal year) to the 31st December 2021 (end of IBM's fiscal year). The 2021 edition will be combining a general session with technical and sales break-outs.

  • Participating BPs will collect points by selling various IBM-Broadcom products & education (please refer to the Sunny SANDays 2021 - Competition Rules tab : competition-rules