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New “Fibre Channel Never Dies”, Inside SANs eBook Now Available

Dispel the myths and half-truths about Fibre Channel and its alternative technologies with the new “Fibre Channel Never Dies” Inside SANs ebook. 

This book was written by Juan Tarrio and discusses the key characteristics that make Fibre Channel the gold standard for storage connectivity to mission-critical applications in the most demanding data centers in the world. It describes why Fibre Channel is best positioned to continue to be the storage networking technology of choice as we transition to a world of next-generation all-flash storage with unprecedented performance capabilities.

• Learn the differentiating features of Fibre Channel

• Explore how Fibre Channel compares to other storage networking protocols

• Understand why Fibre Channel is here to stay

The direct link to the ebook: Fibre Channel Never Dies, Inside SANs eBook