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A Simple SAN Message, “The new IBM 32 Gb/s FlashSystem Requires a SAN Discussion”

On Feb 11th, 2020, IBM announced faster, denser FlashSystem arrays while also withdrawing other array brands from market.

IBM will now have only one storage product family to cover entry, mid-range and high-end requirements for open systems.

Where does SAN fit in this equation? Simple – 32 Gb/s, NVMe capable storage requires an intelligent 32 Gb/s, NVMe capable storage network.

The IBM Storage consolidation does three simple but critical things to understand:

1) Simpler Storage Portfolio for IBM to Sell: IBM has simplified its block access storage array portfolio to FlashSystem for open system solutions and DS8900F for enterprise/mainframe solutions. StorWize and Accelerate/XIV storage products are being withdrawn from the market. IBM will focus on refreshing these decommissioned products. These are opportunities to refresh to Gen 6 SAN.

2) Simpler FC capabilities for IBM to understand: The IBM FlashSystem products support 32 Gb/s and NVMe over Fibre Channel. The DS8900F supports 32 Gb/s and offers an IBM mainframe feature called 32G Fibre Channel Endpoint Security that enables server to storage encryption. 32 Gb/s is essentially a standard offering on these products. These are opportunities to sell new Gen 6 SAN.

3) Simpler SAN message for IBM to pitch: Remind your IBM contacts that every 2020 storage opportunity, whether greenfield or refresh, requires a storage network discussion with the customer to ensure that the storage is connected to 32 Gb/s, NVMe-ready b-type SAN. Simple positioning for Gen 6 SAN.