Competition Rules image

1.The top performing Business Partners (BPs) from each region (please refer to the Regional Markets table below) will qualify to attend the Sunny SANDays 2021 edition.

2.For every qualified BP, flights to and from Montpellier & three nights (28th September 2021 - 30th September 2021) hotel* costs, food & beverages will be covered by the event organisers. All other costs will be at the expense of the BP.

* The Hotels are : Mercure La Grande Motte, Novotel La Grande Motte Golf & the Hotel Quetzal, La Grande Motte :

Hotel Mercure La Grande Motte

Novotel La Grande Motte Golf

Hotel Quetzal

3.In order to participate you must register your company, a focal point and an alias/nickname* on the Sunny SANDays 2021 / Competition Registration tab -

* Please remember, this is a competition and we will be using your alias/nickname to highlight which company is leading the race per regional market. The statistics will be highlighted via the :

The Sunny SANDays League Table - Points won, tab -

4.Flights to and from Montpellier and 3 nights hotel cost is valid for 1 person per BP. A BP proving exceptional results will be allowed upto 2 extra participants.

5.Value Added Distributors (VADs), such as; TechData, Arrows, Pedab...can only participate if they have shown tangible results in recruiting at least 5 BPs. Only 1 person per VAD can participate.

6.To qualify, you must generate the maximum number of points from the 1st November 2020 – 30th July 2021 with the following products :

SAN64B-6 or SAN128B-6 switches
5 Points

SAN256B-6 or SAN512B-6 Directors
10 Points

Any 10 x SAN24B-6 Switches
5 Points

Combine the above deals with an IBM Storage solution (IBM FlashSystem 5000, FlashSystem 7200, FlashSystem 9200 & 9200R, DS8900F & TS7770)
15 Points

For every Broadcom SAN training successfully completed
2 Points

7.Regional Markets

The Nordics - 3 Qualifying BPs
UK & Ireland - 4 Qualifying BPs
Benelux - 3 Qualifying BPs
Germany, Austria and Switzerland - 5 Qualifying BPs
France - 3 Qualifying BPs
Italy - 3 Qualifying BPs
Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel  - 3 Qualifying BPs
Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) & Russia / Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) - 3 Qualifying BPs
3 new BPs to be appointed by the IBM Storage leadership team.